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Discover How Voltage is Helping Amazon Brands Build Digital Commerce Channels Create Marketing Automation, Brand Visibility and Growth Through Hands Off Channel & Social Media Management

Our Process

Since 2012 we've been building Amazon businesses for ourselves and our clients. Our process is simple, build the best long term branding and e-commerce companies in the world on the largest e-Commerce platform online!

Build Your Business, Not Ours...

Our clients understand the power of focus. Therefore, we handle the Amazon channel for them. This allows them to continue their core revenue generation activities while leaving market research, brand building and account management on the Amazon us.

Market Research

Our customers rely on us to dominate the niche on Amazon. With the help of their brand power, our processes and combined marketing, we enter the Amazon marketplace and build to win.

Brand Buildling

Our clients are aware of the power of Amazon to help shape their brand presence. It's why may o four clients have never sold on Amazon until they come to us. Putting your brand on Amazon can open up 'found money' revenue for your business when branding with Amazon, not on Amazon is handled the right way.

Account Management

More often than not our clients have never sold anything on Amazon. Our team steps in, builds a strategy, an action plan and executes the tactics of account growth. Our clients focus on their core revenue generating business activities while opening a new marketplace of revenue and profit for their business almost 100% hands off.

Amazon Seller Management

  • Off Site Traffic

    We employ Facebook, Google Ads, email, influencers and other traffic sources within your business to explode marketplace listings through targeted traffic and high coverting audiences.

  • Customer Support

    Our team handles 1st level customer support. In conjuction with your normal support channels, we handle all marketplace inquiries and customer questions. If required, we engage your dedicated support team, otherwise channel management is handled by us.

  • Listing Optimizations

    Building, tweaking and optimization of your Amazon listings to maximize your ranking potential, through targeted keywords, conversion testing,  and other tactics to increase sales and brand visibility.

  • Sponsored Ads

    Using a combination of machine learning management tools and 5+ years of heads down campaign management, we deliver lower ACoS and more sales helping profits and rankings increase on your branded products. 

  • Strategy

    Opening up Amazon can be found money with the right strategy. Most businesses who have never sold on Amazon don't realize the level of knowledge and time required to build it. Therefore they come to us to speed up their speed to revenue by 10x the potential of going it alone.

  • Content Creation

    Our team of expert writers, content creators, graphics and listing experts build the best possible Enhanced Branded Content so your listings will rank fast, sell more and at higher conversions while maintaining your brand identity and authority.

Social Media Managment

A fully engaged, client driven social marketing strategy to boost brands and sales exposure!

  • Schedule

    All social assets scheduled and managed by our team, 100% hands off to you!

  • Connections

    We'll handle influencer management for you, expanding your audience and driving higher engagement and sales!

  • Visibility

    From Facebook to Instagram we'll cover the top traffic spots for your brand awareness. We handle traffic, postings, commenting and more! All hands free for you!

  • Communications

    We'll keep in touch with you, the creators, the marketing and the engagement while you sit back and enjoy the benefits of 100% hands off management!

  • Ideas

    Our team handles all video creativity and postings based on your brand image!

  • Faster & Easier

    No time to handle your brand management and social exposure? That's where we come in! We can move faster, cheaper and easier than 4 other services required to execute a brand strategy! Contact us to get your brand exposed to millions of interested buyers!

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